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Colorado consumer complaints reached an all-time high in 2023, including for these 10 types of businesses

Coloradans filed more consumer complaints in 2023 than ever before, rising above 20,000 for the first time and including problems with retail, professional services, auto sales and health care.

The Colorado Department of Law received 20,390 complaints last year, an increase of 14% from 2022, according to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office.

The complaints highlight problems with businesses “cutting corners, putting unfair burdens on consumers and engaging in deceptive practices,” Attorney General Phil Weiser said in a news release Monday.

Weiser’s office released the 10 most common consumer complaints reported to the Colorado Department of Law in 2023, ranging from real estate to subscription problems.

“Thankfully, consumers are increasingly aware that we are there for them, and they are reporting problems to us,” Weiser said in a statement. “Complaints filed by consumers don’t just help us resolve individual consumer issues where we can do so, but they also help us protect other consumers by informing our enforcement efforts to hold bad actors accountable.”

While the attorney general’s office did not detail specific complaints in the news release, Weiser has intervened in several problems facing consumers, including social media platforms harming young people, an Aurora-based parking management company accused of collecting illegal fines and residents not receiving natural gas deliveries during the winter.

10 most common Colorado business complaints in 2023

Retail sales complaints: 1,676
People who reported retail sales issues dealt with unauthorized memberships or subscriptions and problems with delivery and canceling or terminating services.
Professional services complaints: 1,076
Consumers who file these complaints have problems with product and service warranties, business support and legal services.
Automobile sales and services complaints: 986
These complaints include concerns with automotive purchases, services, repairs and rentals.
Home services and repair complaints: 973
This category includes issues with general contracting, remodeling, heating, cooling and handyman services.
Imposter scam and business impersonation complaints: 808
Consumers reported fraudulent telephone calls, emails or text messages from people posing as government officials or a company employee and seeking payments through gift cards, wire transfers or other money services.
Consumer loan and credit sales complaints: 655
These reports fall under the Uniform Consumer Credit Code, including problems with interest rates, credit reporting and unlicensed activity such as tribal lending.
Health care and medical services complaints: 630
People reported issues with hospitals, urgent care centers, health and medical insurance companies and health practitioners. Complaints relate to quality of care, billing and coverage issues.
Debt collection complaints: 627
This category includes reports of harassment or abuse by a debt collector, disputed debt, phantom debt and unlicensed debt collection under the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
Telecommunications complaints: 582
Consumers reported concerns with cable, television, mobile phones, internet and other bundled services.
Real estate sales and services complaints: 520
These reports include problems with renting, leasing, property management and real-estate-related activities.

Source: Colorado Attorney General’s Office

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