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Best Psychic Sites for 2024: Your Gateway to Insightful Readings

In today’s fast-paced world, the quest for guidance and insight has led countless individuals to explore online psychic readings.

However, deciphering the gems from the rest can feel like an enigmatic challenge amidst the plethora of psychic sites vying for attention.

Fear not; we are here to unravel the mystery and point you in the right direction.

We explored top platforms like Kasamba to bring you the crème de la crème of psychic experiences.

Picture this review as your personal journey into the cosmos of clarity.

Best Psychic Sites for 2024

First Look

Kasamba – Best psychic site overall (50% OFF first purchase)
Purple Garden – Voted most accurate by customers ($10 OFF)
Keen – Best app of all top psychic sites (10 minutes for $1.99)
Sanctuary Psychic Reading – Best psychic chat readings (5 mins for $4.99)
California Psychics – Most highly screened psychics (cheap $1/min readings)
Psychic Source – Best mediums among all psychic sites (3 FREE mins)
Oranum – Best live chat readings (10,000 FREE coins)
AskNow – #1 among psychic sites for tarot (5 FREE mins)
Mysticsense – Top among psychic sites for numerology (5 FREE mins)
Psychic Oz – Top among psychic sites for phone readings (3 FREE mins)
Purple Ocean – Best custom videos (Flat rates)
Purple Tides – Best for multiple psychic opinions in 1 reading (as low as $5/reading)

If life has you feeling cornered and you’d like a fresh perspective on approaching your problems, we may have an answer for you.

Psychic sites have been trending for a while, so maybe it’s time for you to ride the wave, too.

Here’s our list of the best psychic reading sites online if you’re ready to try something different.

All our top picks are accurate and affordable, so what have you got to lose?

1. Kasamba – Best Psychic Site Overall


Best Match Guarantee
3 minutes free and 50% off
Satisfaction Guarantee up to $50
Best online psychics for love
Over 20 years online


Email readings take 24 hours

If Venus or her mischievous little son Cupid have been toying with your feelings, Kasamba has a reputation as one of the best psychic sites for readings on love and relationships.

But don’t take our word for it. The site’s transparent customer reviews tell the whole story.


With various readings covering every subject and type of divination you can imagine, the psychics at Kasamba can help you make sense of even the most confusing situations.

It all begins in their Articles section. If you’re a first-timer, the All About Psychics feature has everything from how to find a psychic to the perfect questions to ask in a reading.

Promotions & Deals

Finding the right psychic can be tricky on some psychic sites.

Kasamba eliminates the guesswork with their Best Match Guarantee, which gives you 3 free minutes with 3 different psychics. That way, you can try out a few readers before you settle on anyone.

After that, you’ll get another 3 minutes free with your first reading plus 50% off.


When it comes to love, Kasamba is one of the best psychic reading sites around, with proven experts, great intro deals, and more than 20 years of experience that precedes them.

2. Purple Garden – Voted Most Accurate by Customers


Customer-voted most accurate readings
Bilingual English/Spanish
1,000+ psychics
$10 matching credit
Transcripts for text and voice readings


Chat, video, and online calls cost different prices

If you’re looking for a dependable site, we think Purple Garden is one of the best psychic sites out there.

That’s because, according to their customers, Purple Garden gives the most accurate readings online with a wide variety of reading types and formats to choose from.


There are over 1,000 readers available on Purple Garden, but don’t be overwhelmed. There’s an easy-to-use search filter that lets you pick based on specialty, reading type, format, and price.

There are also generalized categories to choose from, like “most accurate,” “trending,” “top-rated,” and even a weekly “staff pick.”

Psychic sessions are available on Purple Garden via multiple formats like online chat, video, and voice readings through your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Promotions & Deals

All new customers get a $10 matching credit with their first reading, plus additional promo codes are sent out regularly to all registered customers.


With accurate readings, multiple formats, and promotions available for new and regular customers, Purple Garden is our #1 pick among the top psychic sites in this round-up.

3. Keen – Best Psychic Reading App


Over 1700 psychics available
Dependable mobile app
3 minutes free
10 minutes for $1.99
“Readings 101” to help you prepare


Satisfaction Guarantee doesn’t apply to promotions

With over 1,700 psychics to choose from, Keen has the largest selection of readers among all the top psychic sites.

Add to that over 20 years of experience, free minutes, discounts, and more, and Keen is perhaps the most wide-reaching of all psychic reading sites.


If selecting from among the best psychic sites intimidates you, Keen’s Readings 101 feature will get you up to speed fast, showing you how to pick a psychic, ask questions, and more.

There’s also the easy “Get Matched” filter that’ll pair you up with a reader in no time based on answering a few simple, interactive questions.

If you’re on the go, all the above features are also available on Keen’s mobile app, along with a callback feature if the reader you want is currently busy.

Promotions & Deals

Keen gives every new customer the first 3 minutes of their initial reading free. After that, there’s a deal for an additional 10 minutes for only $1.99.


Keen should be your first pick from the psychic reading sites in this round-up. if you’re looking for choice, quality, discounts, and convenience

4. Sanctuary Psychic Reading – Best Chat Psychic Readings


5 minutes for $4.99
Free horoscope and daily tarot readings
Over 135 chat psychics available
30-day reading credits


The psychics only offer chat readings

Sanctuary Psychic Reading is the perfect spot if you want to have private and easy chat readings from your smartphone while staying completely anonymous.

You can access the best psychic advisors through a free Apple Store or Google Play app. The site has over 130 online psychics and offers many free benefits.


When you join and get the app, Sanctuary gives you free daily horoscopes for your sun and rising signs, monthly horoscopes, and a detailed profile of the planets for your sign.

If you want a psychic reading online, you can buy packages for 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. After you pay, you have 30 days to schedule and use your psychic reading credits.

Promotions & Deals

New customers at Sanctuary can get accurate psychic, tarot, and astrology readings for 5 minutes at $4.99, which is less than $1 per minute.


If you prefer chat readings, Sanctuary is the psychic service for you. They offer a special deal for new customers—less than $1 per minute—and lots of free astrological bonuses.

5. California Psychics – Most Highly Screened Psychics


$1 per minute packages
Most highly screened psychics online
Online since 1995
Karma rewards and ongoing promos
Informative Blog including a Psychic dictionary


There is no video option

Since 1995, California Psychics has helped millions of people find answers to their life questions.

With a wide variety of readings, highly screened psychics, and discounts for new and old customers, California Psychics is one of the top psychic reading sites you should have on your radar.


“Discover the joy of certainty” is their motto, and with some of the most highly screened readers among the top psychic sites we’re covering, California Psychics is 100% telling the truth.

Their Blog is also pretty serious, especially when it comes to the A-Z Psychic dictionary that covers every psychic and spiritual term you’ll probably ever need to know.

Plus, there’s also a comprehensive search filter to help you find the right reader, no matter what kind of question you want to ask.

Promotions & Deals

Once you pick a psychic, there are 3 different 20-minute deals on a sliding scale to fit any budget.

There’s also a karma rewards discount program that gives returning customers a free detailed birth chart and a $20 credit just for signing up.


With 25+ years of experience, highly screened readers, a great blog, new customer deals, and a karma rewards program, California Psychic is among the best psychic sites we know about.

6. Psychic Source – Best Among Psychic Sites for Mediums


Three $1 per-minute deals
3 minutes free
65+ psychic mediums
“Find a Psychic” Filter
Online for over 30 years


Free minutes only for new customers

If you’re feeling a longing for a loved one on the other side, Psychic Source is one of the best psychic sites for medium readings.

Featuring several new customer discounts and standard low prices, reaching out to the other side has never been so affordable.


With over 65 top psychic mediums available, the easy “Find a Psychic” filter will help you connect with the one that truly meets your needs. Simply answer a few brief questions, and you’ll have the perfect medium for you within moments.

There’s also a satisfaction Guarantee that will refund up to 25 minutes if you’re dissatisfied with your reading.

Plus, when your reading is over, Psychic Source’s informative articles section has info on everything psychic and spiritual, so you can easily continue on your esoteric path.

Promotions & Deals

Psychic Source offers 10, 20, and 30-minute packages for $1 per minute, plus 3 minutes free with your first reading.


Online for 30+ years, Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic reading sites. Known for their talented mediums, they offer the most $1 per minute options and 3 minutes free.

7. Oranum – Best Live Chat Readings


Readings start at $0.99 per minute
$9.99 free credit
Free live video chat room
Customers vote for top psychics
Best psychics online for free chat


Confusing “Coins” payment system

With standard low prices, a free $9.99 credit, and the legendary free live video chat room, Oranum is #1 among the best psychic sites for inexpensive chat with talented psychics.


The free live chat room allows you 1 free chat question with as many psychics as you want. You can also just watch them answer other people’s questions. Either way, it’s the best way to test psychics until you’re able to find the right one for you.

In addition to readings, Oranum is also a sort of spiritual school. That’s because many readers offer free content on their profiles, plus an informative blog on various spiritual and psychic topics.

Promotions & Deals

Readings on Oranum start as low as $0.99 per minute. Once new customers schedule a full reading, they receive a free $9.99 credit.


If you prefer to see your psychic, Oranum is #1 among the top psychic sites for live video readings that allow you to experience an old-school face-to-face reading at affordable prices.

8. AskNow – #1 Among Psychic Sites for Tarot


Best $1 per minute deals
5 free Master minutes
17+ years online
Top psychics for tarot
Satisfaction Guaranteed


5-minute Satisfaction Guarantee

When we think of AskNow, what comes to mind is that they’re one of the top psychic sites for Tarot readings.

They’re also known for having a strict screening process for their advisors, which is excellent if you’re interested in capitalizing on one of their great tarot readings.


With top-rated, elite, and master psychics, AskNow has a quality advisor to fit any budget.

Plus, whether you use the easy-to-operate search filter or the quick pick Psychic Spotlight feature, you’ll get a highly screened and accurate reader to answer your question.

Readings are available via phone, online chat, and email on AskNow.

Promotions & Deals

Besides having the best $1 per minute deals, 5 free minutes, and 1 free email with a live psychic, AskNow has a brand new promotion they’re trying out.

They offer a unique VIP club option for only $36 a month. Included are Master psychic readings, exclusive weekly self-help videos, guided meditation videos, members-only horoscopes, and more.


With free minutes, $1 per minute discounts, and a new VIP option, AskNow can compete with any of the best psychic sites when it comes to savings.

9. Mysticsense – Top Among Psychic Sites for Numerology


750+ online psychics
Best numerology readings
5 minutes free
Satisfaction Guarantee
Multiple contact methods available


Not all advisors do phone, chat, and video.

The youngest entry in this collection of the best psychic sites, Mysticsense offers far more than its tender age would suggest.

From insightful numerology readings to deep and sensitive LGBTQ+ readings, Mysticsense is helping to essentially redefine what top psychic sites are all about.


With more than 750 psychics, of which 213 are numerologists, Mysticsense has an expert reader in almost every subject that people worry about, from family to career, love, and more.

There are also free horoscopes, AI tarot readings, and an informative blog on everything psychic and spiritual, including free videos on how to get a psychic reading and more.

Promotions & Deals

Like the other top psychic sites in this review, Mysticsense offers all new customers 5 free minutes off their first reading and a satisfaction guarantee covering up to 10 minutes.


Whether you’re looking for a good numerologist, an LGBTQ+ sensitive ear to hear you, or just a great reading, Mysticsense is one of the best psychic sites you’ll come across.

10. Psychic Oz – Top Among Psychic Sites for Phone Readings


30+ years online
3 minutes free
$1 per minute
Satisfaction Guarantee for 20 minutes
Readings by phone, chat, video, and email


Only 1 question per email

If you want accurate readings via phone, online chat, video, and email, Psychic Oz is one of the best psychic sites for getting the most bang for your buck.

They’re primarily known for their sensitive readings via phone, which you’ll attest to (like we did) after seeing their transparent customer reviews.


From astrology to pendulums, runes, and tarot cards, Psychic Oz is one of the top psychic sites when it comes to offering a large selection of readings.

A comprehensive filter allows you to search for what you want regarding subjects, tools, and abilities. There are also convenient lists where their talented readers are divided into different categories like customer favorites, staff picks, and rising stars.

Promotions & Deals

Like many of the best psychic sites, Psychic Oz offers promos to encourage new customers.

For instance, there are a pair of $1 per minute deals for 10 and 15 minutes and a special email reading deal for $4.99.

New customers also get 3 minutes free with their first session.


If you’re looking for experience, accuracy, and affordability in a psychic reading, look no further than Psychic Oz, which is truly one of the top psychic sites in this review.

11. Purple Ocean – Best Psychic Reading Site for Custom Video Readings


Free iOS and Android app
Customized video readings
1-hour delivery service
$10 readings
Live readings are also available


Readings only via phone

If you’re looking for something new in the world of psychic reading sites, Purple Ocean, a Bitwine/Purple Garden family member, has something you might like.

Simply submit a written question to the reader of your choice and receive a personalized video sent directly to your smartphone or tablet.


Purple Ocean, a 100% app-based enterprise that’s free to download, works by sending a question to a link on their readers’ profiles. After that, you’ll get a 3-minute customized video in response.

It’s a convenient and affordable way to try out various psychics before committing to a longer, live session.

Live video readings are also available on Purple Ocean, but these are done online via their sister site, Purple Garden.

Promotions & Deals

Customized video readings on Purple Ocean are delivered within 24 hours. The cost is $10, though if you’re in a rush, there’s a 1-hour service for an extra $5 charge.

All live video readings are done via Purple Garden, and you’ll pay whatever your reader charges when you transfer to that site.

Final Verdict

Purple Ocean is an excellent way for newbies to try out various psychics at one low, affordable rate before committing to a live reading.

12. Purple Tides – Best Site for Multiple Psychics’ Opinions in 1 Reading


5 psychic perspectives at once
$5 per reading
Free app for iOS or Android
Highly screened psychics
Readings 24/7


Videos are pre-recorded

From the makers of Purple Garden, Purple Ocean, and Bitwine, Purple Tides is a new mobile app transforming how the best psychic sites do business.

Rather than forcing you to depend on a single psychic, Purple Tides lets you submit a written question and receive replies from 5 different psychics.


If browsing for the perfect psychic gives you anxiety, Purple Tides wants to help by giving you access to 5 different psychics simultaneously.

It works by submitting a question in writing. After that, Purple Tides will forward it to 5 top psychics for their individual opinions.

Purple Tides guarantees you’ll get all 5 answers returned within 24 hours or your money back. None of the other top psychic sites will give you access to 5 psychics for the price of one. No way, Jose.

Promotions & Deals

Unlike other top psychic sites with tiered pricing, all readings on Purple Tides only cost $5.

Final Verdict

If you’ve ever paid a bunch of cash to have an online psychic miss the mark, the idea that Purple Tides lets you hear from 5 different psychics for only $5 is fantastic.

How We Ranked the Best Psychic Sites for 2024

So, what was the method behind our madness? How did we rank the best psychic sites?

Here are some things we thought were important in determining our rankings for the top psychic sites.

Psychic Screening Process

Before any of the top psychic sites can sell you a reading, they must ensure their readers are psychic. That’s the screening process in a nutshell, and it ensures that the site you’re visiting has accurate and legitimate psychics.

Contact Methods for Psychic Readings

An essential part of an excellent psychic reading is that you’re comfortable with how you’re receiving the reading. We believe the best psychic sites should provide multiple reading formats such as online chat, phone, video, and various other voice options.

Available Psychic Specialties

People are going to the top psychic sites in record numbers because, let’s face it, the world has a lot of problems.

As a result, the more readers specializing in individual subjects like love, career, family issues, and more, the better the chances you’ll get the right advice for your problem.

Pricing, Promotions, and Discounts

In these times of inflation and soaring costs, who needs a psychic reading that will bust your budget?

The best psychic sites on our list offer free minutes and other discounts so that an excellent psychic reading is affordable to anyone who needs it.

User Reviews

What customers say about something they’ve paid for is probably the best indicator of a quality service. The top psychic sites on our list all provide transparent customer reviews (good and bad), so you’ll know exactly what’s up.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Even the best psychics can have a bad day. If your psychic falls short of your expectations, all the top psychic sites on our list have satisfaction guarantees that will let you reuse your time and get the reading you paid for.

Advantages of Getting an Online Psychic Reading

Psychic readings benefits

Why are so many people getting online psychic readings? Here are some of the advantages we could find from getting a reading at any of the best psychic sites we picked.

Tailored Guidance

The top readers on the best psychic sites can tap directly into your psychic and spiritual energy. That means you’ll get insights and advice that apply only to you and no one else.

Convenient Accessibility

Readers working remotely from all over the globe and cutting-edge technology like free mobile apps have made it possible for the top psychic sites to give readings anywhere 24/7.

Diverse Expertise

No matter what type of reading you want or what you want to discuss, the best psychic sites offer every kind of reading on any subject you desire. That way, you’ll always be talking with an expert.

Privacy and Comfort

Gone are the days of having to go to a dodgy part of town to see a witch or soothsayer. The best psychic sites online can now deliver quality readings anywhere you’d like, either on the go from wherever or in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Instant Connection

It’s part of life for problems to arise unexpectedly. That’s why all the best psychic reading sites provide mobile apps so that you can connect with a reader instantly and stay ahead of whatever your developing difficulties may be.

Recorded Sessions

During the excitement and headiness of a reading, it’s easy to misunderstand or even forget what the reader said. Taking notes is a good idea but can be cumbersome. That’s why many of the best psychic reading sites on our list provide free voice and chat reading transcripts with your account.

Global Talent Pool

All the top psychic reading sites employ readers from all around the world so that someone will always be able to give you a reading 24/7, no matter where you are.

Varied Communication Channels

Since people have different ideas about the most comfortable way to receive a reading, all the best psychic sites for 2024 in this review provide multiple communication channels for their customers.

How To Tell if a Psychic Is Legitimate

While psychic abilities are real, they’re not always so easily quantifiable.

Here are some things you should look for to determine if the psychic you’re with is the real deal.

Check Credentials

Top psychic sites customarily advertise their readers’ credentials in their respective advisor profiles. Make sure to read carefully about any advisor that you’re considering.

Client Testimonials

There’s no better indicator of quality service than a client testimonial. As a result, all the top psychic sites on our list provide transparent and easily accessible customer reviews.

Transparent Practices

All the psychic reading sites we’ve listed are clear and upfront in their practices. This includes their reading fees, discounts, promotions, satisfaction guarantees, refund policies, and the safety of your personal and payment information.

Consistency in Readings

It’s a good idea to lean toward choosing psychics that have done a large number of readings with a corresponding number of positive customer reviews.

Ethical Conduct

A good reader on the top psychic reading sites will never try to scare you with curses, ramble on about vague spiritual concepts, or go off on tangents to run up the clock.

Avoiding Unrealistic Promises

While psychics have an expanded view of reality, they cannot perform miracles that defy natural laws. Beware of psychics who predict miracles or suggest things that are contrary to basic common sense.

Trust Your Instincts

Don’t ever listen to a psychic who suggests doing something that doesn’t feel right. Trust your intuition.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions that people ask regarding the best psychic reading sites.

What’s the Difference Between Tarot Reading and Psychic Reading?

On the best psychic reading sites, the top tarot readers often have strong psychic abilities that help them read the cards. With that in mind, the difference between a tarot reading and a psychic reading would simply be a matter of one psychic choosing to use the tarot, while another may decide to rely solely on their psychic abilities.

Are Psychic Chat Readings Accurate?

Yes. On the top psychic reading sites where readers are routinely screened and tested ahead of time, you can count on the accuracy of not only a chat reading but any type of reading.

What Topics Can You Discuss With a Psychic Reader?

With a good reader, you can discuss whatever topics are causing you concern in your life.

The top psychic reading sites, like Kasamba, usually have experts specializing in just about anything people might realistically ask, from love to career, family, finances, spiritual questions, and more.

What Should You Avoid When Getting a Psychic Reading Online?

If you’re spending your hard-earned money for a session on one of the top psychic reading sites, here are some common mistakes you should try to avoid.

Talking too much: Remember, you’re there to hear what the psychic has to say. With that in mind, limit yourself to your initial questions and 1 or 2 brief inquiries to clarify unclear points.
Not listening: Because psychics have a different view of the world than non-psychic people, it’s essential to listen carefully to their explanations to understand the finer points they are trying to make.
Being close-minded: People go to psychic reading sites to gain an expanded perspective on whatever may be troubling them. You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it, so keep an open mind, even if what the psychic is telling you might not initially seem to make sense.

How Much Do Psychic Readings Cost?

On the top psychic reading sites, sessions can range anywhere from $0.99 per minute or less to $19.99 per minute and more.

Many of the top psychic reading sites also offer free minutes, discounts for new customers, and additional promos and rewards programs for frequent customers.

Best Psychic Sites: Wrapping Up

You’ve made it to the end of our review of the best psychic reading sites online.

We’ve thrown a lot of info at you, so let’s recap our top picks.

Kasamba is in the #1 position.

We consider the platform the top site primarily for its accurate love readings, though a few other things stand out.

For instance, Kasamba has been in business for 20+ years, offers multiple formats, screened psychics, low prices, and promos for new customers.

The runner-up is Purple Garden.

They’ve been voted as the most accurate among the top psychic reading sites by their customers.

Plus, they are among the few psychic reading sites we’ve covered that have 1000+ psychics and a bilingual English/Spanish platform..

However, whichever site you choose from this list, you can rest assured of the best deals and accurate readings, no matter what your problem is.

The news and editorial staffs of The Denver Post had no role in this post’s preparation.

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