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New bill would make it harder for ranchers to be compensated for livestock killed by wolves

Colorado ranchers would have to use non-lethal wolf deterrence measures to be eligible for state compensation if their livestock is killed by the predators under a bill introduced Wednesday afternoon in the state legislature.

Non-lethal deterrence tools include hanging flags, using flashing lights, blasting sounds and deploying guard dogs under House Bill 1375.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Tammy Story, D-Evergreen, would also set aside an unspecified amount of funds to help ranchers pay for the non-lethal tools.

“I’m hoping it will ensure that livestock owners commit to utilizing non-lethal coexistence tools in order to protect their herd and their livelihood,” Story said in an interview with Sky-Hi News. “At the same time, it provides gray wolves a fighting chance to establish and thrive here in Colorado.”

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