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Bill making it easier to repair cellphone, electronic devices passes Colorado House

Coloradans would have an easier time repairing cellphones and other personal electronic devices under a bill passed by the state House on Tuesday, the latest in a slew of “right-to-repair” legislation considered in recent years here.

House Bill 24-1121 would require manufacturers of various personal electronic equipment — like cellphones and video game consoles — to provide replacement parts, software and information about repairs to third-party shops and consumers. That, supporters say, would open the market for repairs outside of manufacturers’ control and make it cheaper and easier to fix gadgets, while hopefully cutting down on repairable equipment ending up in landfills.

The bill applies to cellphones made after July 1, 2021, and other personal electronic gear made after mid-2015. It does not apply to various specific electronics, like medical devices, vehicle amenities and various industrial or construction equipment. Four other states have passed similar legislation, including Oregon, which did so earlier this month.

The bill now heads for the state Senate. Rep. Brianna Titone, an Arvada Democrat and the bill’s sponsor, said she’s still having discussions with the video game industry to assuage concerns about protecting the companies’ intellectual property.

Titone sponsored a related bill last year making it easier to repair agricultural equipment. The year before that, she backed a similar measure aimed at helping Coloradans who use electric wheelchairs.

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