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Letters: How are these two “old farts” America’s only options?

2024 election is stuck in loop from 2020

Well, it looks like it’ll come down to the same song and dance this November with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I’m really angry that both parties couldn’t find stronger, better, younger candidates than these old farts! Don’t these two have lives like normal older people who want to retire and spend time with family, travel, or just relax? Or is it just the egomaniacal want for power that they just keep on (and on and on)?

I don’t want either one of them again, but I really can’t stand another four years of constant anxiety, dreading reading the daily news and seeing that loud, obnoxious Trump spouting off every single day. And that’s not even to mention his numerous financial litigations and sexual scandals that he is currently in court for!

What a world we live in.

Liz Boswell, Denver

It looks like we’re stuck with the so-called match-up “nobody wants.” The GOP is stuck with “the mouth” and the Dems are stuck with cartoon dummy “Walter” look alike. I still can’t believe that out of the 350 million plus people in this country, we can’t come up with two truly qualified people to run for POTUS. Since these knuckleheads ran against each other back in 2020, we haven’t learned anything.

Yes, I voted for Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, but not because I wanted him; it was because I couldn’t see either of those other two in office.

If we have the 2020 rematch, I won’t be voting for president at all. I’ll vote for everything else on the ballot. I honestly believe that the leaders of both parties created the “mouth” that Trump has become — granted, he always had a big egotistical mouth. All the top dogs in the GOP, starting with the Bushes, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, wouldn’t support his election. He had to fight for everything with opposition from all corners; it’s no wonder he turned into someone I would no longer support for the next election.

I also find it hard to believe that after so many times Biden was rejected for the nomination by the Democrats, they couldn’t find a better nominee back then. As far as I’m concerned, neither one of them would make a pimple on Richard Nixon’s butt.

Peter Beckley, Aurora

Goody. In 2024, Americans are now facing a repeat of the delightful 2020 presidential election, only this time the Packard with a hole in its muffler will have 810,000 miles on it, and the Edsel that leaks oil everywhere will have 780,000.

Some choice.

Craig Marshall Smith, Highlands Ranch

Who is calling whom “ideological”

Re: “Which Colorado Republicans will carry Trump’s bromance for Putin to Congress?” March 3 commentary

It’s laughable to hear liberals like Doug Friednash pining for Ronald Reagan in his approach to Russia and insulting Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson, respectively, for their “bromance” and “propaganda” with Putin. I often hear liberals say they want a Republican from years ago, like Reagan or Ike, while not pining for Democrats like Walter Mondale or Jimmy Carter. Are they dishonest, or do they genuinely not realize that times and issues change?

For Friednash to call Russia “ideological” shows him to be uninformed. Russia isn’t communist, and it’s hard to know what their ideology is other than authoritarianism and social conservatism. That’s the case in most of the non-western world. Russia and China are famously hands-off about the governance in countries they deal with. China is criticized for apathy in Africa, where they have mining concessions. They extract minerals, pay royalties, and don’t give political lectures. Russia’s Wagner group recently replaced French anti-terrorism forces in Niger and Mali, likely due to French political interference regarding corruption. Wagner doesn’t care.

Ironically, it’s now the U.S. as the ideological actor on the world stage. We fly pride flags at embassies and meddle in LGBTQ, diversity and immigration issues. That’s why we’re finding it hard to recruit allies in the developing world against Russia. Friednash implicitly recognizes this with several references to LGBTQ rights in Russia. That’s what “our democracy” now means and why he hates Putin.

The reality is that this war could have been prevented if we had merely agreed not to admit Ukraine into NATO. In February of ’22, I remember distinctly U.S. officials making comments about our commitment to a rules based order where countries can choose their allies and security partners. Who’s the ideologue? Making enemies and risking WWIII for pride flags and Drag Queen Story Hour is foolish.

Jim Hemenway, Niwot

Editor’s note: Hemenway is a candidate for Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.

A tale of two classified-documents leakers

Re: “Pentagon leaker pleads guilty, faces 11-plus years in prison,” March 5 news story

On Tuesday, there was an article about the Massachusetts Air National Guard member who leaked highly classified documents and shared them with other users on a social media platform. He pled guilty and will serve up to 17 years.

We have a candidate running for president who removed many boxes of highly classified documents from the White House when he previously served as president. This classified information was available to many people who visited his place of business and residence as it was not kept in a secure area. This man also showed highly classified documents to a foreign citizen and others.

Why the unfairness in our society? Should he not be in prison as well? Why would anyone vote for a person who jeopardizes the secrets and safety of our country?

Norma Anderson, Lakewood

Editor’s note: Anderson is a former state senator.

A few words on behalf of Oct. 7 victims

Re: “Local cease-fire resolutions are statements of humanity,” March 3 commentary

I was struck by the excuses for the lack of decorum at the Denver City Council meeting for the insistence on the council to pass a resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza. Clearly, the disruptions of these protesters caused the council to feel threatened and bullied. Good for the council to resist these threats as undemocratic. We have had many protests at many city council hearings across the country and all have been similar in nature to what happened in Denver. This strategy of rage and bullying is right out of Hamas’s playbook.

In fact, while the commentators continue to condemn Israel’s actions, there is often no mention of Oct. 7, nor the loss of lives of women and children, the torture, rape, and brutality by Hamas perpetrated on Israel that fateful day. No mention of the hostages that Hamas kidnapped and is now using as pawns in their game to vilify Israel. Not one.

If these protesters were interested in a cease-fire, they should rightfully be protesting against Hamas. If Hamas were to release all of the hostages, both dead and alive, and surrender, there would be a cease-fire immediately. In fact, there had been a cease-fire on Oct. 6. Hamas’ bloodthirsty savagery in its attack against the sovereignty of Israel and the massacre of Israeli civilians the following day had more than provoked the Israel Defense Forces (not the “Israel Occupation Forces” as sarcastically noted in the guest commentary).

We are all concerned about the deaths of the Gazans, well, except for Hamas. This poor excuse for the lack of decorum and protest against Israel’s military actions, etc., is just one more example of what these protests are truly about: Jew hatred.

ER Miller, Denver

If Hamas surrenders and releases the hostages, there will be a cease-fire. Instead of telling Israel to stop firing, tell Hamas to stop firing.

Gary Wachter, Centennial

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