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Have experience with out-of-school suspensions? The Denver Post wants to talk to you

The Denver Post is looking into how school discipline has changed since the coronavirus pandemic and wants to talk to students, parents, educators and others in Colorado about their experiences with out-of-school suspensions.

Schools have faced widespread staffing shortages since the return to in-person learning. Children have struggled with the mental health toll of the pandemic, with school officials saying in 2020 that they expected to see a “tsunami of need” for mental health care. At the same time, Colorado school districts issued more suspensions last academic year than any point in the past decade.

The Post’s reporting will look into how schools discipline students amid the teen mental health crisis, including who is being suspended and why.

If you are open to sharing your story, please fill out the form below and a reporter may contact you for an interview.  Nothing from this form will be published, but a reporter might reach out for an interview and to discuss whether your information can be used in an article.

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